As the need for Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) frameworks to be implemented becomes clear, UTM providers are competing to provide the base technology to governments around the world.  The race isn’t all about the individual contracts: it’s also about the opportunity to demonstrate a methodology that will work – and scale – for other areas.

One of the primary aspects of a UTM system is the ability to prevent conflicts between manned and unmanned aircraft: so the partnership between Frequentis, the global leader in Air Traffic Management solutions and Altitude Angel, a major name in UTM, has been a productive one.   The two partners will jointly provide Norwegian air navigation service provider (ANSP) Avinor with a UTM platform to be deployed at 18 airports across Norway.

 The following is an Altitude Angel press release.

London, UK & Vienna, Austria; Frequentis, the world’s leading Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions provider and Altitude Angel, the industry leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) technology provider, will jointly deploy a national UTM…

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