Source: Drone Delivery Canada

Transport Canada has issued a proposal that would allow very large drones, such as cargo drones, to fly beyond the remote pilot’s visual line of sight (BVLOS) when traveling in remote areas.

The proposal takes a risk-based approach to flying beyond visual line of sight without a special permission. In addition to following the international Strategic Operational Risk Assessment (SORA) protocols, Transport Canada plans to implement additional measures to ensure safety:

In addition to the Strategic Operational Risk Assessment, the department is proposing a regulatory framework that continues to manage and mitigate risks through the 3Ps – the Pilot (more stringent licensing requirements; the Product (manufacturing and maintenance requirements); and the Procedures (airspace and operational risk mitigations). This proposal aims to allow greater flexibility in the use of RPAS for visual line-of-sight operations, while unlocking the potential for beyond visual line-of-sight operations in Canada.

The proposal to accommodate very large drones,…

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