Drone giant DJI is stepping in on the fight to control the coronavirus outbreak in China. The Chinese dronemaker this month announced that it would pledge almost $1.5 million in aid to help contain the coronavirus outbreak.

But DJI is doing more than just giving out money. It’s putting its drones to work. The dronemaker announced that its Agras drones, which are designed for agricultural spraying (usually pesticides and herbicides) are spraying disinfectant in potentially affected areas.

And so far, DJI says it has sprayed disinfectant in over 3 million square meters in Shenzhen. That’s twice the size of Monaco, and about the same size as New York’s Central Park. (Shenzhen is the home of the DJI headquarters).

The DJI Agras drones are spraying a chlorine or ethyl alcohol-based disinfectant from the air, which DJI says is 50 times faster than traditional methods. 

“They can cover far more ground than traditional methods, while reducing risk to workers who would otherwise spend more time potentially exposed to both the virus and the disinfectant,”…

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