DJI’s Agras spraying drone

The ways in which drones can be used for good just keeps expanding.  The world’s largest drone manufacturer DJI has published an article describing how the company is modifying spraying drones to assist public health officials in China in the fight against the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has become a major health problem in China and around the world.  In recent days, airports all over the globe are screening travelers for recent visits to China, and some airlines have now stopped direct flights.  The death toll from the virus has topped 1,000 in mainland China, and communities are legitimately concerned about halting the spread of the virus, which can be transmitted person to person.

Chinese public health officials, and Chinese-based drone manufacturer DJI, have been willing to adopt new tools to meet the challenge.  DJI has pledged their time, money and expertise to bring drone technology to the fight.

Together with agricultural technology think tanks, DJI has been working to fight the disease. On February 4, we pledged almost US $1.5…

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