DJI’s Agras drones are being used by scientists in Tanzania to combat mosquito populations. The Agras MG-1S, typically adopted by farmers to spray pesticides over crops, is one element of a revolutionary attempt to fight Malaria.

The equipment is being customized and used by entomologists in Zanzibar in a pilot project that could eventually change the way mosquito populations are controlled.

Drowning mosquitos with help from DJI

The Anti-Malaria Drones project is being led by Dr. Bart Knols. The new method of fighting mosquito populations involves spraying infested rice fields with a unique non-toxic and biodegradable silicone-based liquid. The liquid is spread across stagnant water, creating a thin film that prevents pupae and larvae from breathing at the surface – effectively causing them to drown.

The trail started in October in Zanzibar. The aim is to show that the precision application of biological insecticides in rice fields can significantly reduce the local mosquito population. The team will sample the larval and emerging mosquito population before, during and…

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