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Drone Barbie
City Lights (invited by Meg Stuart and Maria F. Scaroni)
photo: Martin Hiendl
“…The word high-explosive was spoken twice, once by each man. The word penetration was spoken six times and the word happiness once. The word solution was said three times. The word destroy seven times. The word lethality ten times…”

Beginning with a story from the border and continuing with the president’s speech at an art opening, the text Drone Barbie hovers around the lingo of arms and toy manufacturers as well as porn websites and the lingo of neo-Nazis. Drone Barbie is a speculative fiction.
Drone Barbie was performed at Art-Lab Berlin as a part of the exhibition ‘Beautiful Trouble: Rethinking Art-ivism’ with works by Rabih Mroué, Tanja Ostojić, and Mohamed Badarne curated by

Charlotte Bank and Salah Saouli.

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