Guest post by George Suresh

Like many other professional content creators out there I never really took 360 cameras very seriously. However it was only after I’d tested the Insta360 One X camera myself, I’d not only realised that I’d become a fan of 360 but its turned out to be of the most exciting pieces of camera tech I’ve ever used.

The clever team at Insta360 have not only managed to address previous concerns I had about 360 media, they have produced a camera that has a user-experience which is remarkably similar to what Apple and DJI have accomplished with their products. I believe they’ve achieved this by nailing exactly what consumers have demanded in this market space and their success isn’t just evident through just their popularity; they are shaping the industry by creating exciting new opportunities for content creators.

I found that the camera has so much to explore with both its photo and video capabilities that I couldn’t justify showcasing all its potential in just ‘one’ article. Whilst this feature portrays some…

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