An automated drone inspects a wind turbine blade for damage. Photo|SkySpecs

Guest Post by Emily Folk

Big improvements in drone tech over the past few years have made them cheaper, faster and more reliable than ever before. As a result, businesses are beginning to investigate how drones — which were previously limited to just being consumer tech — can be used in commercial settings.

Already, several companies have outfitted drones for specialized tasks — like helping to deliver packages, grow crops and assist with facility management and inspections.

Here are some of the advantages that drones can provide facility managers, and why so many supervisors are beginning to use them.

Speed and Safety

Drones provide two major advantages for facility management: They are often faster and safer than manual surveying.

Manual surveying is typically slow and costly. In some situations, especially after a natural disaster or equipment failure, surveying can also be dangerous for workers.

This is especially true when equipment is difficult to access…

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