Guest post by Emily Folk

Plastic pollution, especially in our planet’s oceans, is one of the biggest problems we’re facing today. Conservationists have found plastic in the stomachs of 60% of seabird species, and 100% of sea turtles examined. These native animals mistake drifting plastics for a meal and fill their bellies. Afterwards, they starve because there’s no room for food in their digestive tracts. 

Humans drop 8 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean every year, adding to the 150 million metric tons already floating around on currents and collecting in garbage patches twice the size of Texas. If it isn’t clear already, plastic pollution is a massive problem, but new technology might be the solution that we’ve been waiting for. 

A Job for the Drones

Tons of plastic waste are floating around in the ocean as we speak. In fact, thousands of pounds have been discovered and cleaned up in oceans all across the globe. The plastic that isn’t cleaned out of…

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