We write with grave concern about the use of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resources—including drones and armed uniformed officers—to surveil and intimidate peaceful protesters who were exercising their First Amendment rights to protest the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department.

The CBP says that the drone was not used for surveillance purposes.  Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan told ABC News that the drone was present for “law and order.”  “We weren’t taking any information on law abiding protesters, but we were absolutely there to ensure that the safety of folks there as well as to enforce, and make sure law and order remain,” he said.

These Days, All Publicity is Bad Publicity

The protests are big news in the U.S. right now.  Law enforcement is big news in the U.S. right now.  Policing tactics are big news in the U.S. right now.  So the use of big military drones with names like “Predator”  – drones that have been used for humanitarian and disaster recovery, but are associated with the word “surveillance” – are…

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