Got a drone for Christmas? Just new to drones in general?

I partnered with Emmy-award winning show The List to create a new video sharing four important things you need to know before flying a drone.

The List is a 30-minute nightly show featuring the latest in pop culture, trends, viral videos and hi-tech. And in their January 9th episode, you’ll find a segment hosted by Segun Oduolowu and featuring me, The Drone Girl, teaching you everything newbies should know about getting started with drones.

Watch it here:

More than a million drone pilots are expected to take to the skies with a new drone this year, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. This episode goes over basics like:

  1. Know the Rules in Your Area: Most countries have their own sets of rules about flying drones. In the U.S., you have to register your drone. If flying for commercial purposes, you have to get a Remote Pilot Certificate, which involves passing a test and getting a license with the FAA.
  2. Find Out Where You Can…

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