It’s a belated Christmas of sorts for the drone industry, as the Federal Aviation Administration today released its drone remote ID proposal.

And whether you view this gift as a coal or a crown, there’s a lot to unwrap here.

Remote ID is essentially a system of creating license plates for drones. But instead of tiny plates fixed on the drone, it would be an electronic system where drones transmit their information digitally.

The newly released FAA proposal would require the design and production of drones to fall into one of two categories: standard remote identification UAS and limited remote identification UAS

  • Standard remote identification UAS: this would require drones to broadcast their identification and location information directly from the aircraft. Additionally, the drone would have to simultaneously transmit that same information to a Remote ID USS through an internet connection.
  • Limited remote identification UAS: this would require that drones transmit their information through the internet only, with no broadcast requirements. If drones meet…

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