Why is Remote ID necessary?

The FAA states that “The remote identification of UAS is necessary to ensure public safety and the safety and efficiency of the airspace of the United States.” The system facilitates “future, more advanced operational capabilities” such as those that allow drones to communicate with each other and with manned aircraft. This could allow drones to operate beyond visual line of sight and provide better information to air traffic controllers.

The FAA believes that enhancing safety, efficiency, and security with this system would serve the public interest. This system would provide data to national security and law enforcement agencies. The FAA states that real-time use of the data could be used to facilitate compliance, enforcement, and educational actions.

Model flying is a safe activity which does not pose significant risk to people or property. Unfortunately, it appears that decades of history were not enough to persuade the authors of the proposal.

Is this all overblown?

Remote ID could actually improve our ability to fly, possibly…

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