AIRT DRONERESPONDERS Focused on Public Outreach and Drones For Good™ in 2020

In the commercial drone world, one of the biggest risks to developing commercial UAV programs is public approval of drones. With recent events in Colorado, effective outreach is becoming even more important than ever. Because their primary focus is working with the public, this is especially true for drone operators working within public safety and emergency services.

Ensuring successful relationships is something the Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) excels at. The 501(c) non-profit organization is home to DRONERESPONDERS – the world’s fastest growing program supporting public safety UAS. In 2019, AIRT DRONERESPONDERS blazed a trail through the industry developing partnerships, alliances, and generating much needed visibility surrounding the use of drones by first responders.

For 2020, they are launching their Drones For Good™ campaign focused on demonstrating the value drones have to offer across a wide variety of public safety and emergency response use cases….

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