By Millie Radovic at DRONEII

As the new year and the new decade kick off, new trends, challenges and opportunities for the commercial drone industry lay ahead. To kick off drone industry discussions in 2020, here are some of the key trends to look out for this year.

Counter-Drone Technology

Following a series of highly publicised incidents in 2018 and 2019, the counter-drone market took off and grew rapidly last year. The sheer number of counter-drone solutions available almost doubled, nations began to formulate counter-drone strategies and the array of solutions available continued to grow. This market is expected to continue to grow and mature in 2020 – we’ll see more solutions, more money, more contracts, and more advanced technology flooding the counter-drone industry.

The question that remains is, will more advanced counter-drone technology, especially interdiction tools, remain limited to the realm of government actors, the military and critical infrastructure like airports, or will it become a standard across verticals and public and…

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