That’s it. After five years of running Skylogic Research and the Droneanalyst blog, I’ve decided to take a sabbatical so I can discern the next adventure.

Looking back, it has been quite a journey. Honestly, it’s been a lot of fun to be involved in the formation of the commercial drone industry. When I published my first post on February 2014, titled The Yellow Brick Road of FAA Drone Regulations, drones were new and the public discourse was just beginning. I thought, What better way to help others than to provide a few resource links where others could begin their journey? I remember the debate then was what to call them. Do we call them UAV, UAS, or drones? It’s funny how much people railed against the word “drones.”  But as I and others predicted, this would be the one that would stick in public discourse.

The other thing I predicted (and railed against) was the damage that the overhyped forecasts would do to so many. That was in 2015. It saddens me a bit that it took until 2019 for articles like this one to point out the obvious, that the commercial market for…

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