A new report published by the U.K. House of Commons on drones suggests that the U.K. should stay in the European Aviation Safety Agency after Brexit, and adopt EASA’s international standards for drone regulation.  The report – which is at times critical of the U.K. Government’s drone policies – also says that the U.K. Government must “stay ahead of the curve” on drones.

“As aviation crosses borders and the use of drones is taking place internationally, it is important that the UK engages in best practice and knowledge sharing with other countries,” says the report.  “The Government should continue to pursue its ambition to stay in the European Aviation Safety Agency after Brexit. Further, the Government should seek to secure international agreement on international mandatory standards for drones.”

The detailed report covers all aspects of the drone industry: from recreational flyers to counter UAV strategies.  Among the most signficant points raised:

  • While the U.K. plans to release a “Drones Bill” later this year, the report says that the Bill does…

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