How much do DJI’s alleged security vulnerabilities actually matter to public safety officials?

For most law enforcement agencies, the answer is: not much. At least, that’s according to a special report released by Droneresponders, a non-profit organization focusing on drones for public safety.

Droneresponders surveyed nearly 300 public safety professionals using drones between August and September 2019 via an online questionnaire. And while more than half of respondents said they were either “somewhat concerned” or “extremely concerned” about alleged security vulnerabilities surrounding Chinese drone technology, more than half of respondents also stated that their department or agency intended to purchase a DJI brand drone within the next year.

Here’s that nugget from their questionnaire:

  • 44% of public safety remote pilots indicated that they are not concerned about potential security vulnerabilities such as Chinese “spyware”
  • 33% of operators are somewhat concerned
  • 23% are extremely concerned.

DJI has come under fire by U.S. officials who…

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