The use of drones for precision
agriculture is gaining momentum because of their capability to deliver the most
updated information fast and efficiently. UAVs are transforming how agriculture
is done. By implementing drone technology, farms and agriculture businesses can
improve crop profit, save time, and make land management decisions that’ll
improve long-term success.

A few weeks ago Quaternium tested their innovative HYBRiX drone to spray fertilizers in the orange fields near Valencia, Spain. With this system of much longer flight-duration, farmers can now have the opportunity to monitor and spray their fields, not only in a precise manner but also in the shortest amount of time.

Andreu (Pere) was more than excited to get HYBRiX to his farm. While operating
the drone he stated, “I am really glad to
see that the entire spraying process in my orange fields has hardly taken 6
hours. With other drones, we had to spend multiple hours waiting for batteries
to charge and days to finish…

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