The chatter as of late has been using drones for agricultural, and for drone delivery. But investors are now turning an increased amount of attention on drones in renewable energy.

Aerial data analytics company DroneBase this month announced it raised $7.5 million in Series C funding, intending to use the money to expand its services to the renewable energy market. And among one of DroneBase’s investors: Chinese drone maker giant DJI.

Data gathered via drone with DroneBase tech can be used to generate a Wind Turbine Report.

The money will largely support a new product called DroneBase Insights for Wind and Solar. That product is intended to service renewable energy companies by allowing them to use drones to inspect the components of wind turbines.

The machine learning algorithm is able to quickly pre-screen high-definition imagery of blades — differentiating between areas with and without damage — so the operator can easily focus attention on potential issues.

The product also leverages FLIR thermal cameras, which are mounted on drones to detect…

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