Seven years ago today, I made my first-ever post on this blog. It was a selfie of me holding my original DJI Phantom 1. I detailed my flight over a baseball field. I liked flying there because I could practice. There were few obstacles in the way there, so it was good for an ultra-beginner to practice.

As I got better, I started intentionally flying in more challenging environments, such as near poles or over water. Of course, I’ve chased down (well, I should say my teammate, Hamilton has chased down) so many drones that have gone rogue.

But more often than not, it went well. I flew drones over everything from gorgeous landscapes to mundane parking lots — and each flight has its own story.

7 years later, and “flying” drones is easier than ever, but it’s not because I’m that much better of a pilot. In just seven short years, drones like the Skydio 2 can fly themselves.

So much has changed in the drone industry since 2013. In that first year, I was concerned that people might think I was spying on them, or that I might crash. With obstacle avoidance…

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