Courtesy: SkyDrive

Japanese flying-car developer SkyDrive has successfully launched test flights of a cargo drone, according to a company press release.

“[This] could revolutionize the way heavy goods are transported and speed up the movement of equipment in remote locations.”

The first test launched earlier this month in Toyota City, Japan. A company spokesperson said the drone moved “heavy equipment in remote locations.” Additional testing will be carried out later in the month.

“This new technology has been tested with a load capacity of [44 pounds] — utilizing SkyDrive’s world-leading aircraft development technology to achieve high safety standards. There is the potential to develop this further and achieve greater capacity loads of up to [110 pounds], according to demand. The cargo drone also has the potential to change the way products are moved from manufacturers to warehouses and onto depots.

“Our cargo drone has proven to deliver by safely lifting loads of up to [44 pounds] in a mountainous area — saving time and money,” SkyDrive CEO Tomohiro…

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