image: Kespry

Kespry has always been an enterprise-focused drone solution.  The company realized early that ease of use was key to adoption: and they offered one of the first automated, no-joystick flight solutions.  As the industry matures and automation becomes more available – and more sophisticated – we interviewed Kespry CEO George Mathew for his views on automation, enterprise scales, and what’s needed to take the industry forward in 2020.

Mathew says that automation has been a game changer for Kespry, and that it is only getting more important.  “Automation was by far one of the key differentiators for Kespry – and I don’t think that’s changed, if anything it is accelerating,” says Mathew. “I think that this is the natural way that most scaled out operations are going to occur around the world. There aren’t enough pilots in the world to be able to manually process the data; but with automation and AI, it can work.”

As the industry moves into use cases like delivery, and regulations accomodate flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and, in…

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