More than half of Americans want to ban DJI drones. Or at least that’s according to one study.

Alexandria, Virginia-based international public affairs firm The Hawthorn Group commissioned a study gauging people’s opinions about drones. And of the 801 completed telephone interviews, 54.7% of Americans effectively admitted they wanted to ban DJI drones.

Now it wasn’t DJI outright. The participants were asked whether Chinese-made drones should be banned from U.S. businesses and individuals (not calling out DJI specifically).

But still, only 45.3% of Americans didn’t think a ban was necessary.

An even higher 71.3% of Americans said Chinese-made drones should be banned from U.S. government agencies, and still, an even higher 83% of Americans said that concerns about security with Chinese manufacturers were valid.

Other Chinese manufacturers include EHang, which recently filed for IPO, and Yuneec, which has funding from Intel.

There’s been a bit of hysteria around Chinese-made drones, particularly after a 2017 memo from the U.S. Army came out…

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