Courtesy XAG

One of China’s largest agricultural drone companies and Airbus are teaming up to launch aerial delivery trials.

XAG announced the pilot program last week on the heels of a joint agreement signed by the two companies in July at the World Economic Forum.

During the trial initiative, drones will carry food deliveries from a noodle shop to select customers in Guangzhou via the Drone Cargo WeChat app.

The maiden voyage saw one of XAG’s plant-protection drones, the P30, deliver a meal on a pre-determined, one-mile route to a rooftop landing pad in under 5 minutes.

The first customer, Meng Yu, enjoyed an order of Lanzhou beef noodles. “This is so cool. We do not have a company canteen, so my colleagues and I order takeaway every day,” she said.

“Deliveries could never be sent upstairs in the past, but this time it just comes to me from the sky right to our roof terrace. My noodles were hot as I like them, and it took under 15 minutes from ordering to enjoying. Usually, I had to wait for up to an hour during peak lunch hour and often the food was cold.”


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