Back in 2018, IT consultancy and mobile app development specialists RIIS showed how, with a little help from Google’s machine learning platform, TensorFlow, a DJI drone could be used to count the number of sheep in a field in real-time.

At the time it was an interesting, albeit niche glimpse into how drones and AI could work together to carry out relatively mundane tasks.

Today, RIIS has partnered with Europe’s largest drone company, Parrot, to develop similar AI programs using the ANAFI platform.

Together the companies will explore how artificial intelligence, computer vision technology, and drone data capture can be combined to solve industry challenges.

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In order to demonstrate the potential of the technology and encourage developers to start creating their innovative apps, Parrot and RIIS have published a technical whitepaper with step-by-step instructions for adding AI and computer vision applications to the ANAFI platform using Parrot’s open-source Ground SDK.

RIIS built a Cattle Counter app, which…

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