Source: DroneSense

Public-safety drone software provider DroneSense and French UAV giant Parrot are soaring into a new corporate partnership.

The agreement will marry Parrot’s ANAFI quadcopter with the full suite of DroneSense capabilities with a focus on the public-safety/first-responder drone market. The Texas startup’s platform is an out-of-the-box solution for police, fire and rescue agencies to build, manage and scale drone programs.

The deal should be a perfect fit – Parrot’s ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones offer agencies built-in 4K HDR camera or a FLIR thermal sensor. This allows users to easily capture thermal and visual readings for faster response times.

“This functionality coupled with the scene management tools in the DroneSense Platform will provide public safety operators with an unparalleled level of situational awareness that will ultimately help save more lives,” a DroneSense spokesperson noted.

DroneSense provides public-safety agencies with an integrated platform that gives pilots intuitive, model-agnostic flight control interface while providing…

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