Here’s a silver lining in the midst of coronavirus lockdowns: it has gotten a whole lot easier (and cheaper) to participate in a number of drone events a conferences go virtual — and registration costs are slashed. The PX4 Developer Summit is slashing registration costs completely, making their 100%-virtual event also 100% free to attend.

The PX4 Development Summit will be held July 6-7, 2020 — all online. You can register for it here. The PX4 Developer Summit is designed for software developers, hardware engineers, system integrators, and academia, geared toward promoting the PX4 ecosystem.

This is the second year of what is intended to be an annual event hosted by  Dronecode, a Linux Foundation non-profit. Last year’s event was held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and it drew about 200 develpoers from 20 countries.

This year’s event is quite a bit larger — in fact, 800 people are already registered, making the 2020 PX4 Developer Summit the largest dedicated developer event in the drone industry.

Maybe it’s that $0 price…

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