Syracuse University Grads Help NUAIR Advance Drone Industry

NUAIR, WindShape and Syracuse University Grad Students Team-up on UAS Wind Tunnel Project

Every year NUAIR seeks college-level interns interested in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or “drone” industry, to give them hands-on, real-life experiences with this advanced technology. This last fall/spring semester, Syracuse University grad students Vincent James McGovern and Jean-Eric van der Elst Portero helped NUAIR and WindShape advance the drone industry by working on a UAS wind tunnel that will be used to test how different weather patterns effect drone flight.

Vincent and Jean-Eric both have their B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and are working on their Master’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University. Vincent took the lead on researching integral products and components of the UAS wind tunnel, including a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulator and motion capture environment. GNSS is much like the GPS in your phone, but in addition to time and location,…

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