At the beginning of the summer my brother and I bought a Mavic Pro.
During the summer I basically took it to every trip I made, testing the drone and see what you can get out of this little beauty.
Summer was over and I found my self in front of my computer with a bunch of footage, thinking about how I can combine these clips to something more.
I was fascinated how interesting it looks, if you duplicate and mirror a clip and than move them against each other.
In some way it looks like you extracting one earth out of an another. Cloning Earth. Split it apart. Atom for atom. Pixel for pixel. The abstrakt creation of a exact duplicate, a visual method of cloning Earth.
Thats what „The creation of Terra 2“ is about.

A Big thanks to Hans Krones for the Sound-FX and to Marco Lechner for helping me out with the VFX!
And of course to my Bro!!
Better watch in 2K!

Sébastien Tellier – LAmour Et La Violence

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