Aerovironment Quantix

Last week, leading defense and industrial unmanned systems provider Aerovironment announced an exclusive distribution partnership with enterprise solutions provider Draganfly for Aerovironment’s commercial drone offering, the Quantix™ Mapper.  It’s a significant deal that makes sense for both companies.  As the market for drone solutions grows, the deal is also an indication of how major drone industry players are differentiating themselves and their expertise in an increasingly crowded field.

DRONELIFE interviewed Draganfly Chief Operating Officer Patrick Imbasciani for the insider’s view on the Aerovironment deal, the outlook for the drone industry – and even the effect of the coronavirus on the market.

Patrick Imbasciani, Draganfly COO

“We’ve been working with AV for a few years now, providing them contract engineering services on a number of their defense oriented projects,” says Imbasciani. “Our team has tremendous technical capabilities for this kind of work, we genuinely enjoy the challenge of it, and we’re always looking…

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