While most of the bad publicity around “rogue drones” comes from a perceived (and sometimes real) danger of interference between unmanned and manned aircraft, French company Donecle is proving that the manned aircraft industry can benefit from drone technology too.

We first saw a demonstration of airplane inspections by drones at the 2018 DJI Airworks conference.  It’s a use case with tremendous potential return on investment, speeding up an expensive and time consuming process dramatically.  Now that Donecle is ready to implement the service for the largest airline in South America, the safety and value will be proven on the tarmac – and will hopefully spread to airlines around the world.  Having commercial drones safely implemented at airports could be a great move for commercial airlines and for the drone industry.

The following is from a Donecle press release.

Labège, France, December 20nd, 2019. Donecle announced today that LATAM Airlines Group, the largest airline in South America, will use its automated drone solution to improve the efficiency and reliability…

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