image courtesy Draganfly

Governments and researchers around the world are working on new solutions for pandemics in the current Covid-19 crisis.  Drones have been important tools for applications including drone delivery and disinfection – but in this project, Canadian drone solutions company Draganfly will act as systems integrator with a healthcare data services company and researchers in Australia, developing a drone to help health officials immediately identify an outbreak.  The proposed “pandemic” drone would be able to fly over people and identify their temperature and respiratory conditions, helping to limit infections.

The need for rapid identification of people infected with the disease so that they can quarantine and limit further infection has become abundantly clear in the Novel Coronavirus disaster, as current testing tools can be slow and have limited availability.  A drone that could immediately survey community groups could be a game changer for healthcare officials.

This picture shows the data that the drone could capture:

image courtesy Draganfly


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