Las Vegas, USA – At CES2020, the International Consumer Electronics Show underway in Las Vegas, USA, Shenzhen-based underwater drone company CHASING presented its latest model, the CHASING M2. CHASING’s brand-new M2 is the world’s first professional observation underwater ROV with 8 vectored thrusters, and is designed for light-duty professional and enterprise use. “The launch of CHASING M2 marks the entry of CHASING into the professional market,” said co-founder and CMO Jacky Yang.

The M2 comes equipped with a digitally stabilized camera capable of 4K video and 12-megapixel stills, and LED lights rated at 4000 lumen. Together, they can capture any underwater details, making the M2 the perfect tool for scientific research, fish farming, and inspections of anything from boat hulls to reservoir dams. It can dive up to depths of 100 meters.

A world-first omnidirectional layout of 8 vectored thrusters allows the user to steer the M2 in all six directions, as well as rotate and pitch the ROV. An improved depth-lock mode allows for incredibly stable…

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