Aerial Insight Services, a leader in LiDAR imaging, is partnering up with Indiana Drones to help pioneer the use of UAV LiDAR systems in surveying, mapping and inspection to turn out high-quality and business-transforming data.

Watch Indiana Drones conduct a LiDAR drone land survey in the Colorado Rockies and learn how he combines aerial LiDAR and industrial drone technology for superior data acquisition. From beginning to end, Indiana Drones walks through the creation of the Colorado Rockies Dataset.

Indiana Drones YouTube channel is where you can find videos to help you learn the ins and outs of using UAV LiDAR systems to gather and analyze data to meet surveying goals. Find technology and equipment reviews and walk through the real world applications for UAV LiDAR systems. Subscribe today!

Aerial Insight Services specializes in surveying, photogrammetry, inspection services and training using UAV LiDAR systems. We are leading the way for high fidelity data accrual using UAV LiDAR systems in situations that have traditionally used land-based data gathering….

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