Online and real-time UAS training; Atlas dynamics

The world was flipped on its head this year when an unthinkable pandemic struck every corner of the globe. The unmanned industry, like nearly every sector, suffered from the economic and operational effects of the social distancing and a global shutdown. But like in many innovative industries, some UAS companies quickly adapted to the new situation and succeeded in turning the situation around and leverage it. These companies were swift to develop new solutions that push the industry forward and will become the standard operating methodology long after the pandemic is gone.

There’s no doubt that social distancing created a huge challenge to unmanned industry’s companies. Our global industry depends heavily on conferences and live demos to showcase new innovations in aerial and ground systems. With all major events cancelled and travel suspended, adapting to the new normal was the only way forward.

In response, we quickly developed new ways to showcase, sell and train new customers online and in…

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