Here’s a good reason to always carry your Part 107 drone license with you, and it has nothing to do with police, the FAA or other law enforcement. It has to do with you making money.

Just 2% of drone pilots have been asked by law enforcement to show their Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate while flying commercial gigs, according to the 2019 Drone Industry Survey, which was conducted by the team behind drone training course Drone Pilot Ground School.

While that alone should be good motivation to keep your paperwork with you while flying, there’s another incentive. A much more significant 27% of drone pilots have been asked to show their FAA Part 107 Certificate by a client or someone else at work.

“While it doesn’t appear that law enforcement often needs to see proof of being Part 107 certified, it seems that a growing number of employers and clients are aware that when it comes to hiring a drone pilot, it’s a good idea to ensure they have their certificate,” according to the survey.

The Part 107 drone license is also known as the…

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